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*~~*~~*~~*  TERMS & CONDITIONS  *~~*~~*~~*



  1. "CLUB" = The Star Theater Horse World Club.
  2. YOUR IDENTITY:  No one is required to reveal their true identity.  In other words, your profile name will probably be your Social Club name, your Discord name, or whatever you choose.
  3. Participation in any Club or Discord activities is optional.
  4. PRIVACY:  Members of the Club can choose any privacy level for their profile.  This goes from totally private, to totally public, to anywhere in-between.
  5. Your email address and identity will never be sold or given away to any party unless required by law.  Email addresses will not be revealed to any other members of the club, other than high-level staff.
  6. Role Play is only one way to participate in the Club. Members of the Club are not required ever to participate in Role Play activities.   It is the member's choice and is optional.  Role Play participation will require approval and agreement to additional rules.
  7. We are a community.  It is not the goal of Star Theater Horse World to make any profit.  Our main goal is to help RDR2 players to have more fun and a chance to gain free and low cost NFTs, if they want.  We don't know if profits from the game will ever happen in the future.  We will never charge a purchase price to the game for any members who join when it is free. For you it will always be free.  However, there is no way the few people who are creating the game can do it without our community to help.  As such, we much appreciate your participation, help, suggestions and bug reports.  Please help us build our community.  Helpers may receive bonuses of NFTs, Trading Cards, or any other in-game valuables.
  8. NFTs, In-Game-Items, and STHW Trading Cards:  The NFTs, In-Game-Items, and STHW Trading Cards owned by our members may be sold for their own profit at any time* using any method they choose.   Once a member obtains the item, it belongs completely to them.  IMPORTANT:  *A member does not totally "own" an NFT until the member has submitted their Crypto Wallet address to SITA-ADMIN, BANK ADMIN, or other ADMIN staff member. They have 30 days to submit the address. Please see more on that below. 



At time of this writing, STHW and STRP game are in Beta Test Mode.  This means that...

  1. There are bound to be errors and bugs that will need fixing. Therefore, staff may notify you of corrected data, awards, or other actions that were done through system technical errors.  
  2. We appreciate your help in identifying any errors or bugs. Please submit a ticket for any such problem.



  1. We are a Christian-based organization, and therefore our standards are based on honor, truth, and general good behaviour.  MEMBERS ARE NOT REQUIRED NOR EXPECTED TO BE CHRISTIANS.  Treat everyone with respect. Welcome newcomers and be kind to one another.  Absolutely no lying, harassment, witch hunting, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.
  2. GIVEAWAYS:  In order to take ownership of an NFT  that you may win in the giveaways, receive as a gift, or purchase through the CLUB store,  you must create a wallet approved by  You must create your wallet within 30 days of the win, gift, trade, or sale.   IMPORTANT:  A member does not totally "own" an NFT until the member has submitted their Crypto Wallet address to SITA-ADMIN, BANK ADMIN, or other ADMIN staff member. Your will have 30 days to submit the address or you will lose that NFT. 
  3. There may be additional rules you need to agree to, depending on which activities you wanna do.  All players must obey the rules, or we will have to give a timeout or kick the person out of the server. No exceptions.
  4. No age-restricted, NSFW, or obscene content.  This includes language, text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, or other graphically disturbing content. Do not attempt to bypass BLOCKED WORDS.
  5. STAFF:  Listen to the Staff. If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let staff know. We want this server to be a welcoming space! Do not leak personal information of others!
  6. No griefing other players. If they shoot you 1st, then its no longer griefing. Or if its mutual horseplay in our group, and the victum is ok with it, then it's allowed.
  7. RDO is an adult game - therefore, you must be 18 years of age to join, unless granted special permission from administration.
  8. Abide by Rockstar's rules. This means no MODDING, and NO CHEATING.
  9. FORBIDDEN:  We do not play with modders. Modders are dangerous & can totally wreck your game as well as any who join your posse. Some modders are god-modders & can even track players. Therefore, as soon as a modder is in your session, CHANGE YOUR SESSION TWICE.   Goal: keep a safe space for all.


If you have read all the Terms & Conditions, and you agree to them, please check the box below.


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Your application will be reviewed ASAP and we will

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