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is our in-game currency.  You may also see it represented by the name of "points".

Club (The Club)

"The Club", aka "Club", is the main part of our system containing the interactive aspects of Star Theater Horse World.  It contains a wide variety of features, such as those shown below.  For more info, you might start at our Welcome Page, or try the Sitemap.  Activities include:

  • Social Networking
  • Profiles
  • Assets
  • Game Mechanics & Documentation
  • Support
  • Much More

Club Gateway (** CLUB Gateway **)

This refers simply to the portal to enter or join the Club.  When you click on the link for the Club Gateway, you can read a bit about how to be a part of The Club.

Happiness Hearts

...are a type of asset in our community which is of great value. Members can give and receive Happiness Hearts from each other in the Gift Shop.  We believe it is a form of emotional wealth to be happy.  It's part of our Success Formula.

hoedown aka: hoe-down

Hoedown in the STRP Game is an re-enactment of the old time hoedown from the wild west days.  "Hoedown" is a vintage American get-together for a community.  It combined a dancing party typically featuring folk and square dances accompanied by local music such as lively hillbilly tunes played on the fiddle.  Read more about the Hoedown events which include BBQs, Dances, Get-togethers and Trail Rides HERE


hootenanny is a community social event stressing the playing of musical instruments (such as the fiddle, guitar, or piano), though dancing can also occur.

Main Site (The Main Site)

The "central office" and general base of operations, found at


are another name for $STRP cash. This is our in-game currency.


stands for Star Theater Horse World. Our world is all about finding new ways to have fun with the virtual world of Red Dead Online (RDO) - and Red Dead Redemption 2. More Info Here:


stands for Star Theater RDO RP game (STRP). This is our role play game to be played within Red Dead Online. More Info Here:


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