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Last Updated:  Dec. 8, 2023

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               YIPPIE BOOM SHA WABANGA !!!  

This Gateway is NOW Open.

We are now welcoming members for Beta Testing. 


We are currently polishing things up here.  There's a ways to go, and therefore please know this is BETA MODE.
While we continue to polish up the ST Horse World CLUB, our first priority is getting the profile pages working so that members can see their valuables and send gifts, etc.

Once we get things polished up ...

... we will launch into wide-spread promotion -  and CLUB registration will be opened to the world. 

(Can't wait, I just can't wait.)

We welcome New Members.  Simply register (all you need is your email address).   It's quick and easy, and we no longer require an approval process, nor long application.   Once you register, you have full CLUB MEMBER status.  

We eliminated the Approval Process. Why?  Because we found it was too long, and lots of people, including me, just abandon a sign up if it's long.    We do want to keep this place safe and secure.  So if you notice anything not quite right, please submit a bug report, or contact me.   And please be gracious with us as we are still working out user work flows, bugs, FAQs, etc.  

What do I Get as a Member?  Click to read more about membership.


Next,  sign up, baby!    And... we welcome you to Join our Discord to follow our progress.

And please stay tuned for more action soon!


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