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This Gateway is NOW Open.

You can sign up for Role Play here: "Intro to Role Play"


The first step towards participating in STRP Role Play is that players must pass the application process.  If approved, they will be given ROLE PLAY MEMBER status.  

Why an Approval Process?  Because our kind of role play is played in a different way than how players normally play Red Dead Online (RDO).  In normal RDO play, players run around everywhere completing missions, shooting enemies, and robbing people and places.   Most of us will be seasoned RDO players. We need to consciously shift the way we play while in an STRP Role Play session.

We experimented with some role play events with members of the Shooting Stars Discord. The members were asked to read the role play rules first as this was a role-play event. However, sorry to say, unfortunately, most of them were not that serious, disregarded the rules, arrived an hour late, and then utter chaos occurred instead.    It really wrecked the experience for those who were serious about the role play.

The experiment failed.  lol

Therefore, we realized a need for an approval process.  We made the decision to be more careful about the who what where when -- and how -- of becoming an approved role play member.  The goal here is to filter out non-serious applicants. 

As you consider whether or not you want to join our STRP Role Play.... 

  • Please realize this is very similar to trying out for a play or even a movie or TV series.
  • You will need to truly "ACT" and "PLAY A ROLE"
  • You will need to PLAY A DIFFERENT WAY than NORMAL RDO Play.
  • You will need to read and know the rules before applying.  

Sign up for Role Play here: "Intro to Role Play"

Next, we welcome you to Join our Discord to follow our progress.

And please stay tuned for more action soon!


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