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We are planning on implementing a mission that would use the ideas from the Careers board game - and this scoresheet. 

HOW IT'S PLAYED:  The mission starts with you planning out your success formula.  Do you want lots of happiness, or money, or gold, or what?  Then you will use a list of optional activities you complete in RDO.  Each activity gives you so much happeness hearts, or money, or gold, or whatever. As you complete each one, you tally your progress on the scoresheet.  

Once you complete your success formula, you win that mission!  Turn it in to staff to get your vault credited with your completion rewards. 

This will be something individual players can do inside of RDO.  It will be outside of the Role Play realm, but could also be done inside of role play realm. 

Upon completion, the player will earn $STRP, HAPPINESS ♥ ♥ ♥, and a variety of other rewards, including NFTs.  This all needs to be worked out and put together. If interested in helping with the planning, or even writing up your own mission, please join our Discord and let Star know asap!  Volunteers will be rewarded with NFTs. 


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