Intro to Horse Breeding & Trading

A big important activity in the ST Horse World is buying, selling, and breeding horses !   Of course !!!!


In summary, you can buy or receive a horse NFT - which is a game item, in essence.  But in our world, you can do many things with your horse, similar to what you can in the real world. 

Plus you can own your own horse trading/breeding ranch in-game.  Give it a name, and even register a member account for it, if you like. 

Plus you will be able to buy and own property in our game.  This feature is still in development. But essentially you would hold deed to one of the farms in RDO. 

Or, your ranch might exist virtually in your profile.  This idea is still in development but would probably mean a ranch map showing buildings, interiors, exteriors, etc. And you would be able to add more buildings, do improvements, etc.

IMPORTANT:  You don't have to be an approved Role Play Member to participate in Horse Trading & Breeding. However, if you wish to do so in the Role Play environment, you do need get approval as a Role Play Member.

We have many goals to grow this.... but in the near future, you will be able to do the following.  And please note ALL HORSES ARE ALSO NFTs.   Each horse NFT is unique. 

  1. Buy, Sell, Give, and Receive Horse NFT's
  2. Buy Pregnant Mares, bred to an NFT stallion. The baby will arrive between 1 and 21 real time days after the transaction takes place. The baby will be un-named - as the new owner gets to name the baby.  The new baby, when born, will be minted as an NFT at time of birth. Each time she is re-sold, she is pregnant with a new baby by that same stallion.
  3. Buy a Mare with her New Baby Foal.  Each time the mare is re-sold, she comes with a new baby by that same stallion.
  4. Buy Breeding Service for Your Mare.
  5. Trainings and Updated Bio's such as Horse Show winnings, new babies born, etc.. These will be released as NFT updates, and some can only be matched to specific horses. 

Please see DF Toby as an example of what a Horse NFT is like. You can view him HERE.

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