Filling Trade Tables


UPDATED Oct. 10, 2023

Time to war against lonliness in RDO.  

For this Mission, you will volunteer to help a friend or stranger fill their table. Time yourself by making a note of the start time and stay with them as long as you can. If you stay 10 minutes you get a 100 $ STRP reward.  Stay 30 minutes for 300 STRP. So however long you stay helping you multiply 10 times the number of minutes and submit a Mission Report for payment (below).

You will also earn happiness, one heart per hour spent.Happiness can be earned in quarter hour increments. 

 Minutes       $STRP      Happiness

   5.                  50.                 0

   10.                100.               0

   15.                150.              .25

    30.                300.             .50

    45.                 450.            .75

    60.                  600.          1.00

Submit your Help Desk ticket with:

* NAME OF MISSION "Filling Trade Tables"

*  total minutes

*  along with a screenshot of bringing game to the trade table or hunting wagon. You must include your friend in the photo. 

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