Intro to Role Play

What is ST Horse World Role Play?

In our game, we will do role play right inside of RED DEAD ONLINE (RDO)  sessions.   But we play it DIFFERENT.  We are actors on a stage - but our stage is HUGE - as it's the whole RDO World. 

Our role play game world is called Star Theater Horse World.  Yes, we do play using RDO.   BUT THE DIFFERENCE IS ...

... the activities are not all criminal based - like living and acting like outlaws... galloping all over the place and killing everyone in sight.

We have citizens, and hopefully LAW AND ORDER that works.   Our citizens are the approved ROLE PLAY members. 

Groups.   There is one main Role Play group called "RP Living in 1897".   This is the default group.    But feel free to create other role play groups with your own rules... or no rules.  

The Rules.  While in an RP session, there are rules and laws of the land.  The first rule is to follow these rules.  We have tried being easy-going and lenient and find that we end up with chaos and frustration.  If you don't want to play by the rules, then you can make your own GROUP and call the shots.   



STEP 1   Join the CLUB, if you haven't already. 

STEP 2  READ the rules.  If you agree, go to Step 3.

STEP 3   REQUEST ROLE PLAY Approval.   Submit a ticket at the HELP DESK.  You will then be contacted by staff.

STEP 4   Once approved, you will be notified.  You will then be granted additional permissions and access points.


IN THE MEANTIME...    think about your character, who do you wanna be?  you can be anything - a business owner, a horse breeder, a law man, a government official (we will need sherriff's and everything), a doctor?    And we will need some random outlaws too.... (just not too many).  LOL.





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