Mountain-Top Sunset

For this mission you will gain 2 Happiness, $STRP 300, possible bonuses. 

A. Climb a mountain to the top and watch the sunrise or the sunset.  Must be from beginning to end. So take 2 - 3 photos or screenshots of yourself and the sky:

1.  At the start of the glorious event, and...
2.  One towards the end.
3.  Plus a nice selfie showing a gorgeous part of the event....

B. Post your photos in the Missions group, and include the date and title of the mission.
C. To get your rewards, you need to submit a Mission Report per the green blob below.
D. If using a Success Formula, tally ur rewards there, including title and date of mission.  (At the time of this writing, we have not yet published the SUCCESS FORMULA section. Stay tuned... cuz it's a hoot, I tell you, a Hoot ! )

Limited to one per real life day

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