We had a special party using these guidelines on Valentines Day 2022.   We hope to schedule regular Hoe-downs and many other fun events on a more regular basis, as we gain momentum and as Star has time to host them!  You can help! If you are interested, please feel free to host this event for any reason, on any day. Events such as this can be posted on The Shooting Stars Discord Server.


  see the cut scene here...   


Pretend u are there, in a western movie. how would you all act?    what would u say, or talk about?   Like:
. . . - num num, this BBQ pig meat is great!
. . . -  why, Suzie, you are looking fine tonight. 
. . . -  dance with ur date.   If u wanna cut in on someone's girl, u can.  But her date may not like it.  Try to be civil.
. . . - sit and stand by ur date. (The date is only for the party, doesnt have to be serious

This is a fun time to get to know each other, dance, eat, and ride.  You can START with Campfire BBQ,  with getting to know each other around the campfire.  


Please bring an imaginary or game item for the feast. Example: pizza or a hunted wild boar.  We need food and beverages.  And offer each other imaginary items, game item NFTs, or gifts.  Examples: a glass of lemonade, a desert, or a flower or two.  

A Pig Roast?   There is also a way to rope a pig, drag it near to the camp fire. Douse it with moonshine to light it on fire, or throw a firebottle at it. 

Then will follow with a short dance time to Victrola music. (Music bot)   Suggest u do male/female partners, but cutting in is allowed.  (Imagine how ppl behave in a barn dance in a historical movie)

Next will be a trail ride, done like real life.  Walk, trot, short canters...


*** this is a ROLE PLAY Event, which means u act DIFFERENTLY THAN IN REGULAR GAME PLAY.  Why?   To find new ways to have fun!  Yah mahn!!!!

Read the Intro to RP Events which will cover who is allowed to attend RP Events.


Pertinent Rules & Guidelines to This Event

  1. The event leader is boss.  Keeps the ship from sinking (wise old saying). 
  2. Trail Ride: 
    1. During the trail ride, FOLLOW the trail ride leader and STICK TOGETHER.
    2. No racing to next destination. We ride slow and together 2 by 2 (side by side) or single file on the trails.
    3. If u need to leave please let us know.
    . . . -  WOULD A BEAU ROPE ANY GIRL IN A WILD WEST MOVIE?  NO. Violators will be kicked.  If you must do it, then do it in a very hidden location where no one can see.
  4. DO role play and don't talk about rl stuff. We are actors in an old western movie.
  5. DO pretend that u r ur character. Stop and smell the flowers, toilet in the bush, look at the views.   Enjoy the scenery, flora and fauna, and talk to the group and each other about it.  
  6. You can play the part of any character, either follow the story of ur gaming character, or make one up on the fly for added drama and adventure.  
  7. Please be courteous and helpful to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.
  8. Optional: Bring a date and stay close to him or her. But if someone else tries to "steal" them away, then playact ur reaction... like u can let them go and pick a new partner, or fight to keep ur date.
  9. No griefing NPCs nor Players unless they attack us first.
  10. If a fight breaks out, no killing, no guns or weapons. U r in a movie like McLintock.  Fist fighting is ok.  Respond like real humans and stay civil. If someone is killed, the others will take u to the sheriff. Unless u escape. But dont come back, either way. 
  11. If u have to leave, please let the group know and walk or ride out of sight before leaving session.
  12. EATING
    . . . - a man should lead us all in prayer b4 we eat.
    . . . - bbq meat are whole carcesses cooked on the fire, then served in stew pots -
    . . . - when time to eat, eat on a plate from stew pot, eat slow....  no gulping. This is a picnic.
    . . . - drink the ginger beer, lemonade, root beer from the case by the camp wagon.
    * DRESS UP, optional, but please do...    Dress up, ladies encouraged to wear a dress similar to the McLintock movie in the wild west days.

I know this seems like alot of rules - but they are necessary to make a role play environment for those are serious about role play.


- StarGirl Forever



Chelsea H This looks like a blast. How can I join a hoe-down?
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