Outlaws of ST Horse World


 I know many of you love being OUTLAWS... So this is for you!  - StarGirl

You may choose a gang or single outlaw identity for Short Term Missions and/or Full-On Role Play.  OPTIONAL:   Ideas and names can be taken from real life outlaws & gangs:


First 10 players to act out such a role will each get the following:

1. For short term missions - lasting at least 2 hours online:  $STRP 500 + 1 Happiness, + an NFT.  (Jewelry, Household or other equal to or similar in value to the Sapphire Diamond Cluster Earrings, or the Eiffel Tower Telephone. )

2. For longer term role play lasting 2 hours each within 4 role play sessions:  $STRP 800 + 2 Happiness + 1 STRP Gold + 1 NFT similar or equal to the Abe Lincoln Victory Rifle. 


To sign up, DM StarGirl, via Discord or the Club.   Include the following in the DM: 

* Present a vague idea of the kind of trouble you propose to get in to. 

* If you have not already done so, submit your wallet Id in the DM. 

* Include the title of this article.

* Give the names of any other accomplices if known. 




A. You must have an account on the Club site. 

B. You must have valid proof and/or witness(es) of the activity.

C.  Short Term Missions, follow the INTRO TO MISSIONS guidelines.

D.  Role Play Sessions:

. . . [1] must be attended by at least 2 other RP players, who should somehow be involved in the devious activity.

. . . [2] each gang member must be an approved RP member

D. You must own a crypto wallet approved by OpenSea.io.  This is necessary to receive an NFT into your ownership.





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